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Squids® Hand Tool Attachment Trap - Slips™ (4-Pack), MD
Price: $14.50 PK
Item #: 19741
Mfg Name: Ergodyne
Mfg Item #: 19741

 Product Description
Squids® Slips™ are perfect retrofit tool attachments for small hand tools to help reduce the risk of dropped objects and increase workplace safety. Connection points for tool lanyards can be tricky to find, especially on smaller hand tools like screw drivers and hex keys (Allen wrenches). While working at-heights, it is important to tether tools as part of your overall fall protection plan, but the lack of these connection points can make that difficult.

  • Approved to the ANSI/ISEA 121-2018 standard
  • Patent-pending one-piece design easily slides onto small hand tools without requiring additional tools to install or complicated wrapping or shrinking to apply
  • Swiveling exterior ring spins 360-degrees allowing screwdrivers and other rotating tools to be used without issue
  • ABS outer ring provides strength and durability in all environments, testing in hot, cold and wet conditions
  • Flexible inner core grips tool after application securing it as an attachment pointfor a tool lanyard preventing dropped objects
  • Available in four sizes compatible with tools ranging from 0.05” (1.3mm) to ½” (12.5mm)
  • Maximum tethering capacity up to 1lb (0.45kg) dependent on size (review size chart for capacity information)
  • Intended for singled use, discard after after removal and replace

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